Game Design

Professional Positions:

Game Systems Designer, Level/Content Designer, Level/Content Scripter, Narrative Designer, Quality Assurance Specialist

Qualities of a Game Designer

  • Has a passion for making games.
  • Loves deconstructing games to figure out how they work.
  • Loves creating experiences for other people.
  • Is creative and enjoys problem solving to find the best solutions.
  • Loves technology and is willing to be bold and fearless when it comes to learning new things.
  • Is intellectually curious and loves to explore all kinds of topics and experiences to become a better designer.
  • Is a good communicator, both oral and written, and likes working with others.
  • Is a leader.

Portfolio Submission Requirement

What are we looking for? Simply, we want to see you design something. We are looking for creativity, innovation, and we want you to demonstrate your ability to deconstruct a game and then re-envision it into something new and exciting. Important points to consider:

  • Follow all specifications. Design always comes with constraints. Your ability to be creative within those constraints will be highly valued.
  • Be original. Innovation will win you points over mimicking the latest hot, blockbuster game title or rehashing the old tried and true.
  • Communicate clearly and be technically accurate. That means spelling and grammar count! Show us you also value this characteristic.
  • Show us who you are and where your creative energies lie through your design. Show us your passion and your interests.

You may wish to enhance your application with additional materials. These are not required, but are recommended. Game designers need a broad range of skills from programming to visual design. Show us some of your other skills as they apply to communicating your idea.

Suggested Preparation:

Game designers need diversity in their education and experiences. Here is a list of some suggested areas of study and areas of exploration:

  • Math through Applied Calculus
  • Science especially Physics
  • Programming (any languages or scripting environments)
  • Graphic Design
  • Drawing and Painting
  • Art History, History, Sociology, Psychology, and Literature
  • Creative Writing
  • Digital Art Software — such as Adobe Creative Suite, or any 3D package
  • Unreal Development Kit (PC)
  • Gamemaker (PC)
  • Game Salad (Mac)
  • Mod any game and share with a modding community
  • Make traditional card or board games
  • Be a dungeon master for D&D
  • Create game characters including their back-story