Montreal, Canada

One of the largest game development centers in the world and an international city located just 90 miles north of Champlain College. Canada is the largest trading partner of the United States. In addition, Montreal is one of the world’s leading multimedia cities and a dynamic business and design center.

Living on our Champlain College Montreal campus will give you a unique international perspective on the evolving workplace and the career essentials needed to become a global professional.

Courses are tailored to Montreal’s wealth of media and business, taught by industry veterans around the city. General education courses, including cultural immersion through the arts, encourage students to interact with the vibrant local community.

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Check Out Our VR Tour!

To celebrate their 10th anniversary, Champlain Montreal, in collaboration with the Emergent Media Center and Game Studio, created a VR Tour of their Academic Centre which showcases some of their best student work made while studying here. As the player, you tour a virtual gallery of student work and can interact with elements to choose your viewing experience!

This 360 video shows you a run through of the tour without interactions:

Made by Scott Barter & Alex Frey (GDES ’18) | Edited by Nick Magnus (GDES ’19)

Here’s a fun demo of the VR tour of the Champlain Montreal campus which shows you the interactions. Drop by the EMC in Burlington, VT to try the full game!

Made by Scott Barter & Alex Frey (GDES ’18) | Edited by Nick Magnus (GDES ’19)

Company Visits

Students listen on as Senior HR Business Partner Tristan Tassé speaks at Behaviour Interactive.

With over 75 established game studios in the city, Montreal competes with Tokyo, Japan and Austin, Texas as a gaming capital of the world. From collaborative, indie-dev spaces like the GamePlaySpace, to behemoths like Ubisoft and WB Games, Montreal boasts a wealth of studios.


Tuque head & founder Jeff Hattem and programmer & Champlain alum David Johnston demo a game with students.

Champlain regularly organizes visits and tours with other studios, big and small. Students have the opportunity to speak with grassroots developers and industry titans alike, visit their studios, and catch a valuable glimpse inside the game industry. We also invite indie and Triple-A developers to visit the campus, demo games, and organize playtesting sessions. Click here to read more about the professional opportunities students have found in Montreal!




Jason Della Roca talks to students about Gameplay Space and Indie companies.

Often in classes professors will bring in industry professionals to come in and give presentations for students and act as mentors. They give feedback on student projects and can provide invaluable advice about the industry, networking, and building a portfolio.

This is also an excellent way that students can begin networking for future internships and job opportunities.


Industry Experience

Alumni visit for a pizza party on campus.

Being the second-largest city in Canada—and a gaming Mecca around the world—Montreal is teeming with opportunity. Our students are taking a leap in their professional lives by attending studio visits, industry conferences and events, and immersing themselves in the thriving game industry across the city.

More than 35 alumni have landed full-time positions at studios around the city, including Ubisoft, Ludia, and Game Loft. Montreal-based alumni remain closely connected to Champlain. They regularly visit the campus, speak to students, and help them build connections in the professional world.

Champlain also has a pool of more than 60 game professional adjuncts available from Triple-A to Indie companies within the city, giving students access to an incredible network of resources and connections.

Gaming Conferences & Events

Whether you’re studying in the spring or fall, Montreal always has something going on in its gaming sphere. Champlain College students have enjoyed discounts at the Montreal International Game Summit (MIGS) and have volunteered at conferences and conventions across the city. You can read about these experiences below. These events are valuable networking opportunities that just might land you a job further down the road.

Click here for a more comprehensive list of gaming events in Montreal!

Year Round:

The GamePlaySpace is an indie gaming mecca in Montreal. Every month, they open their doors to the public for playtesting. Champlain students are welcome to come, playtest games, and speak with developers about the craft—and it’s absolutely free! Be sure to check the GamePlaySpace website to find out what their playtest dates are that month, and if you’re planning on being in Montreal, maybe check out the GamePlaySpace Discord! 

Fall Semester: 

Alex Dalton (GPMG ’19) representing Back to the Game at MIGS (Montreal International Game Summit).

The Montreal International Game Summit (MIGS) is your chance to meet and network with hundreds of industry professionals. With 2700+ attendees and 700+ companies, this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss. Attend panels and presentations by the industry’s brightest, and meet gaming legends like Riot CEO Brandon Beck and Halo composer Marty O’Donnell.

The Montreal Expo Gaming Arcade Weekend (MEGA) is a fantastic opportunity to mingle with other game developers and see a bunch of games currently in development, and even hear about never-before seen titles! Taking place in early November, it’s definitely an event you won’t want to miss!

Spring Semester:

Demo Night offers a rare glimpse into the production process. Studios across Montreal—no matter the size—come and demo their projects in concise, BS-free 5-minute increments. Here, you can get early access information to some heavily anticipated games, and rub shoulders with the developers who are making them.

A game jam is a lot like a musical jam session: gather a bunch of professionals in one room to create something entirely new and improvisational. The Global Game Jam is the largest Game Jam world wide, featuring international participation at a number of hubs around the world! This list includes Montreal, where students can take part in the jam and create something completely new in an intensive creation session spanning just 48 hours!

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