Our Collaborative Approach

The Champlain Studio is a cohort experience that emphasizes teamwork across all the game development disciplines, facilitated by game-industry expert professors. Game Art, Game Design, and Game Programming majors, along with business majors specializing in Game Production Management, work side by side to create original projects.

The cohort environment ensures you’ll learn essential professional social skills as you master the latest game development expertise. You’ll be ready to jump right into the best jobs, with a full understanding of how a professional game studio team functions.

Game Art

Aesthetics that inspire, and animation that brings the world to life — learn to create the look, the feel, and the movement that drive the best games, while honing your ability to execute concepts within a team-driven setting.


Game Design

Craft the gameplay, build the environment, and tell the stories that’ll turn a game into its own world. Master design, scripting, and writing skills, then collaborate with your team to realize your designs.


Game Programming

Write the code that turns game ideas into digital reality. Learn imaging, real-time processing, artificial intelligence, and simulation code, and apply your expertise to real projects with your Game Development peers.


Game Production Management

Learn to manage all the facets of production including team dynamics and communication, target audiences and marketing, and project planning and budgets.


Study Abroad in Montreal

Explore a city rich with Old-World culture, award-winning food, and real-world professional opportunity. Learn with game industry veterans and pursue professional opportunities at one of over 75 game studios in this gaming capital of the world.