Game Publishers are grounded with extensive knowledge in game development, marketing, and analytics. Motivated to investigate, critique, and promote games on their way to the public, Game Publishers are the business people of our Game Studio. Students in this major choose one of three concentrations—Business Strategy, Content & Community, or Research & Analytics—to tailor their degree and gain expertise in fields like financial management, economic modeling, or public relations.

Game publishers analyze and promote the games that the development team work hard to create. Build strategic business plans that maximize a game’s potential reach. Communicate with popular streamers or Esports champions. Create a social media plan equipped with interactive posts to gather data on brand sentiment.

Year 1

  • Introduction to Game Business & Publishing—understand the foundations of the game industry’s business side
  • Business & the Entrepreneutial Mindset—embody the innovative and strategic attitude of an entrepreneur and learn how to implement that attitude in all your business endeavors
  • Marketing & Organizational Behavior—learn the fundamental aspects of the marketplace and partner with local businesses to develop creative organizational solutions
  • Accounting for Decision Making—learn the principles of financial transaction recording and learn how to implement these principles in real-world contexts
  • Game History—research the history of gaming through a multitude of lenses to better understand game development

Year 2

  • Business Law-learn the fundamentals of law with an emphasis on contracts
  • Creative Portfolio Tools-explore a variety of portfolio tools to launch your creative career
  • The Game Business Lifecycle-learn the ins and outs of a game’s lifecycle and the role you take on as a Game Publisher
  • Concentration course-select a course from one of your required concentration classes
  • Concentration course
  • Concentration course
  • Concentration course

Year 3

  • Managerial Economics-engage with microeconomic theory and how it interacts with current events, policy issues, and business situations
  • The Global Game Industry-analyze the international world of gaming and the intricacies of virtual, cultural exchange
  • Advanced Business Internship-obtain a business-related internship to strengthen your learned classroom skills and techniques
  • Program elective-choose a program elective of your choice
  • Concentration course

Year 4

  • Capstone in Game Development-integrate your past three years of knowledge to create a final, cumulative project that you can show to potential employers
  • Game Studio III-practice pitching and polishing your Capstone for final submission
  • Program elective-choose a program elective
  • Science elective-choose a science lab course
  • General elective-select a general elective course that piques your interest
  • COM elective- strengthen your communication skills with a COM course of your choice
  • General elective-select an additional general elective course that interests you

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