Jaymee Fulcher

Project Role Just Golf - Producer
Major Game Production Management Major
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As a Producer, I strive to be hardworking and dependable. I’m always willing to assist team members and hope to empower my team to reach their highest potential. My exceptional interpersonal and problem-solving skills, allow me to adapt to changes quickly and keep the team on track to succeed.

Professional Qualifications

  • Certified Scrum Master
  • Task management/documentation
  • Project planning
  • Agile management
  • Team building

Technical Expertise

  • Unity
  • Trello
  • Jira
  • Redmine
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Google Suite

Development Expertise

  • Associate Producer, Rad Magpie (Burlington, VT), Sigiriya (unreleased)
  • 4 years Game Production Sequence

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