Brian Harney

Project Role Camera Shy - Producer / QA Liaison
Major Game Production Management Major
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I am a producer interested in working with people and solving problems. I am working as the QA lead, doing testing weekly and coordinating playtest events outside the school. I enjoy helping with prioritising tasks and directing workflow, as well as working with numbers.

Professional Qualifications

  • QA leadership
  • Data analytics
  • Scrum
  • Marketing
  • VR development
  • Prototyping
  • Conflict management

Technical Expertise

  • Redmine Project Management Software
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • C++ Visual Studios
  • Squarespace Web Design

Development Expertise

  • Lead Producer, Senior Capstone
  • QA Manager, Senior Production
  • Project Lead, Big Heavy World
  • Website Design, Kyoto Institute of Technology

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