Max Laudenslager

Project Role Eira: Echoes of Adventure - Environmental Artist
Major Game Art Major
Connect ArtStation

Max is a dedicated, self-driven material artist; highly proficient in crafting state-of-the-art PBR materials, game-ready props, and enthralling 3D environments. He’s recognized for his strong work ethic, attention to detail, strength of character, creativity, and innovation, and for his unyielding aspiration for new learning. He’s very ambitious, soft-spoken, and team-oriented.

Professional Qualifications

  • PBR Texturing & Material Creation
  • 3D Modeling (Hard-Surface & Organic Sculpting)
  • 3D Game Environments
  • Concept Painting
  • Art Direction
  • UV Mapping
  • UI Iconography
  • Video Editing

Technical Expertise

  • Substance Designer
  • Substance Painter
  • Autodesk Maya
  • Pixologic ZBrush
  • Unreal Engine 4
  • Unity

Development Expertise

  • 4 years game production experience
  • 3D Environments course at Champlain College (Fall 2019)
  • Environment Artist on Eira: Echoes of Adventure (Spring 2020)
  • Lead/Environment Artist on For Hallowed Ground (Fall 2019)

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