Parker Staszkiewicz

Project Role Just Golf - Lead Programmer
Major Game Programming Major
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An energetic and focused game programmer with exceptional verbal and written communication skills. Has a passion for improving the development pipeline for others through tools and systems. Dedicated to learning and improving; prepared to complete tasks outside of comfort zone.

Professional Qualifications

  • Systems programming
  • Engine programming
  • Tools programming
  • UI programming
  • Real-time debugging
  • Real-time shaders
  • Agile development
  • Version control

Technical Expertise

  • C++, C#
  • Unity, Unreal
  • Visual Studio, CLion
  • Git, Mercurial

Development Expertise

  • Systems Programmer, Escape Artist, Ubisoft Game Lab Competition, 2019. (Recipient of four award nominations.)
  • Systems Programmer, Just Golf, 2020
  • 4 years game production sequence

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