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Daphne Walker

Game Studio

Position Assistant Director & Career Coach
Affiliated Game Studio Majors Game Art Major
Game Business & Publishing Major
Game Design Major
Game Production Management Major
Game Programming Major
Game Sound Design Major
Connect Call Me at (802) 865-5465
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Daphne is an experienced and relationship-oriented member of the dynamic, results-driven Career Collaborative team within Champlain College that is recognized for high first-destination career outcomes. She is accountable for preparing Game Studio students to become successful in their chosen paths through a personalized coaching approach, our InSight Program activities, and recruitment opportunities. She collaborates with deans, faculty, alumni, and campus colleagues to cultivate and strengthen employer relations, maintains partnerships with Champlain's Montreal and Dublin Academic Centers and our Emergent Media Center, and develops an array of on- and off-campus recruitment events and career info sessions that connect Game Studio students to alumni and recruiters. Most of all, she enjoys seeing the potential in each student, creating connections, and using the human touch!

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