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Van Dora Williams, PhD

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A multi-award winning producer and writer, Van Dora Williams worked in the journalism field for over 30 years. She produced award-winning stories in all media platforms: print, television, radio, and the web. She has a passion for producing historical documentaries and teaching writing and production courses.

Much of Dr. Williams's work was done as a PBS senior producer and reporter. Her work has covered topics in history, the environment, politics, education, religion, public affairs, and community issues. Her international reporting from West Africa earned many local, state, regional, and national awards, including the coveted EMMY. She has worked for local news stations, PBS, NPR, Public Radio International (PRI), as well as being a freelance producer and writer in West Africa.

Before Champlain College, Williams was an associate professor at Hampton University in Hampton, Virginia. She earned the PhD in Communication in 2017. Her dissertation was a historical study on the impact of the film Birth of a Nation in two major cities in Virginia.

Faculty in Game Sound Design Major

Amanda Crispel
Chair of Game Studio, Acting Dean of CCM, Professor
Jonathan Ferguson
Assistant Professor - Game Design Major
Ken Howell
Associate Professor - Game Sound Design Major

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