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Welcome to the Senior Show of the graduating class of 2021. These are extraordinary times, and we have an extraordinary show for you to see.

Join us at 7:00 PM EDT for our Pre-Show leading up to the main event at 8:30 PM EDT.

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The Games

View more details for Install Wizard

Install Wizard

Install Wizard is an exciting twin-stick shooter/dungeon crawler in which you use your digital sorcery to zip around and fight within corrupted programs.
View more details for Junk Punk Arena

Junk Punk Arena

Build the robot of your dreams, then have it torn apart in the online battle arena.
View more details for Live/Wire


Live/Wire is a competitive arena FPS with a sci-fi edge. Players wield electricity-powered guns and a recharging plug that doubles as a grappling hook.
View more details for Overgrown


Overgrown is a fast paced resource management game in which you have to keep a multitude of houseplants alive.
View more details for Polaris Postal Service

Polaris Postal Service

Polaris Postal Service is a first-person, narrative-driven game where players deliver mail to inhabitants of a breathtaking forest, navigating using the stars.
View more details for SCORCH


Scorch is a noir-inspired stealth, FPS. Takedown thugs as you try to break away from your former life. Stalk the shadows, gather evidence and get out.
View more details for The Exaggerated Epoch of Edward O’Hare

The Exaggerated Epoch of Edward O’Hare

TEEEO is an action-adventure story game set in an imaginary toy world! TEEEO takes players on an odyssey that will usher nostalgia and excitement for all!
View more details for Through Rust We Are Returned

Through Rust We Are Returned

Through Rust We Are Returned is a tactical game where you play as Angel and fight homunculi to uncover the truth within the mainframe.