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Eira always felt destined for greatness. Grandchild to the greatest treasure hunter in the clan, Eira grew up as a star apprentice. But when out on a dangerous intergalactic hunt for a renowned vault, Eira’s grandfather never returned. Read More...
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The Team

View profile for Scott Aquino

Scott Aquino

Lead Programmer/Systems Programmer Game Programming, Minor in Mathematics
View profile for Tyler Chapman

Tyler Chapman

Systems Programmer Game Programming, Mathematics Minor
View profile for Jared Ciano

Jared Ciano

Teesting and QA Lead, Systems Designer Game Design, Business Administration Minor

Ann Clough

QA Manager Creative Media (Class of 2021)
View profile for Nicholas Deluzio

Nicholas Deluzio

Lead Audio Designer Game Design
View profile for Karim Elzanaty

Karim Elzanaty

Tools Programmer Game Programming

Patrick Fagan

QA Tester Game Programming (Class of 2022)
View profile for Zachary Fugere

Zachary Fugere

Level Designer Game Design
View profile for Will Gordon

Will Gordon

Programmer Game Programming
View profile for Hannah Greiner

Hannah Greiner

Technical Artist Game Art
View profile for Michael-Paul Ho-Kang-You

Michael-Paul Ho-Kang-You

Lead Producer/Scrum Master Game Production Management, Global Studies Minor
View profile for Nicholas Kline

Nicholas Kline

Lead Artist/Animator Game Art
View profile for Max Laudenslager

Max Laudenslager

Environmental Artist Game Art

Matthew Lovetere

QA Manager Game Design (Class of 2022)
View profile for Andrew Macdonald

Andrew Macdonald

Narrative Designer Game Design

Rowan Minney

Sound Designer Creative Media (Class of 2020)
View profile for Andersen Pinckney

Andersen Pinckney

Lead Designer/Product Owner Game Design, Data Science Minor
View profile for Bryan Richardson

Bryan Richardson

Producer Game Production Management

Nicholas Sanguine

QA Tester Game Programming (Class of 2023)

Abigail Scott

Marketing Marketing (Class of 2020)

Miriam Shuker

QA Tester Game Design (Class of 2023)
View profile for James Smith

James Smith

Programmer Game Programming

Alexis Sophabmixay

2D Artist Game Art (Class of 2023)
View profile for Claire Yeash

Claire Yeash

Level Designer Game Design, Game Programming Minor