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Lead Programmer, Systems Programming - Monolithic
Game Programming

Engaged and creative game programmer who develops tools and systems for a variety of settings. Possesses strong communication, organization, and time-management skills. Improves developer productivity with flexible and creative solutions to development issues. Works alongside designers and artists to produce engaging, polished game systems. Thrives in collaborative environments and works well with people of diverse skill sets and backgrounds.

professional qualifications

  • Tool Development
  • Systems Development
  • Graphics Programming
  • Physics Engines
  • ECS Engine Design
  • Data-Driven Development
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Version Control

technical expertise

  • C# (Unity, Visual Studio)
  • C++ (Visual Studio, CMake)
  • Python
  • Unity, Unity Editor
  • GLSL
  • Git, Mercurial

development expertise

  • Game Architecture
  • Intermediate Graphics Programming
  • Game Engine Programming
  • Console Programming
  • Advanced Realtime Rendering
  • 4 Years Game Production