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Profile picture for Scott Aquino
Lead Programmer/Systems Programmer - Eira: Echoes of Adventure
Game Programming, Minor in Mathematics

Focused software engineer interested in AI, gameplay, and systems programming. Strong teamwork and communication skills. Enduring love for math and logic. Passionate about problem-solving and creating professional solutions. Always pursues knowledge to better technical skills.

professional qualifications

  • AI programming
  • Gameplay and systems development
  • Physics engine development
  • Version control
  • Technical documentation
  • Agile development

technical expertise

  • C++, C
  • Unity (C#)
  • Visual Studio
  • Git, Mercurial, Subversion
  • Adobe Photoshop, Premiere and Audition
  • Microsoft Office
  • G-Suite

development expertise

  • AI/Gameplay Programmer, Descent of Champions [DoC], 2019 Ubisoft Game Lab Competition. Awarded for Best Integration of the Theme. Nominated for Technical Achievement, Best Prototype and Best Quality of the “3C’s”.
  • Lead Programmer, Eira: Echoes of Adventure

portfolio samples