Game Artists begin with a foundation in the elements and principles of visual art and design while working in traditional and digital media. This includes life drawing, 2D digital art, 2D and 3D animation and 3D modeling. From these building blocks students can choose many areas to specialize: 2D art, 3D environments, 3D character development, 2D and 3D animation, technical art, game visual effects and user interface design.

Year 1

  • Game Art Fundamentals—elements and principles of design, color theory, composition and 2D digital art creation
  • Drawing for Realism I—traditional figure drawing
  • Game History & Development—learn the history of games and develop teamwork/collaboration skills
  • Intro to 3D Modeling & Texturing—fundamental principles of 3D modeling and texturing for games
  • Intro to Animation for Games—fundamental principles of 2D and 3D animation for games

Year 2

  • Drawing for Realism II—2D digital painting with a focus on perspective
  • 2D Game Art—2D art and animation for use in a game engine
  • 3D Modeling—modeling and texturing hard surface objects
  • Game Production I—the first full production class focusing on teamwork and a 2D development process
  • Foundations of Concept Painting—digital painting focused on creating characters and objects
  • 3D Modeling II—organic digital sculpting
    • or 3D Animation I—3D animation for use in game engines
    • or Aesthetic Interactions—user interface design

Year 3

  • Art History
  • 3 x GART Specialization Elective—electives for you to specialize and develop portfolio quality work
  • Game Production II—intermediate production class focusing on teamwork and pipelines using a 3D engine

Year 4

  • College Capstone in Game Development—the beginning of a full year of conceptualization and production of a full game. All your education comes to an intersection in this course
  • Senior Production—final, advanced large team production class to complete the senior production sequence
  • Senior Portfolio in Game Art and Animation—create your professional portfolio website and prepare for finding that first job
  • 2 x GART Specialization Elective—electives for you to specialize and develop portfolio quality work

Some Specialization Electives

  • Advanced Seminar in Game Art and Animation—an open format workshop where students propose and build portfolio projects
  • 3D Character Development—develop a character from concept art to 3D high-poly sculpt, and then the low poly game asset
  • 3D Environments—explore building game engine environments with your own original asset sets
  • Technical Art—use Python scripting to create tools in Maya
  • 3D Animation II—3D animation for use in game engines

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