Game Production Management Courses

The Bachelor of Science in Game Production Management is designed for the student who is passionate about both business and creative media. It will provide a student with the opportunity to have a business core that includes integrated courses in business, marketing, corporate social responsibility and international business (with an emphasis on the global economy), as well as courses in quantitative methods, accounting, finance, economics and business law. Students will be able to take additional business courses that include Project Management, Organizational Management and electives from business and marketing offerings as well as 18 or more credits in a creative discipline including Broadcast and Streaming Media, Publishing, Digital Film, Game Production and Graphic Design.

Year 1

  • Integrated Business Experience: Business Foundation
  • Quantitative Language of Business
  • Game History and Development – learn about the industry and team-based development.
  • Integrated Business Experience: Marketing Decision-making
  • Financial Accounting – This course introduces the student to accounting from the point of view of the user of financial reports and is appropriate for personal as well as business applications.
  • Consumer Behavior – Provides an introduction to consumer behavior including consumer personalities, values and motivations and differences between consumer and organizational buying.

Year 2

  • Integrated Business Experience: Organizational Management
  • Managerial Accounting – Managerial accounting focuses on the needs of management for accounting information to make informed decisions in the internal operations of a company.
  • Business Law I – An overview of the entire legal system, with an emphasis on contract rights.
  • Integrated Business Experience: Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Introduction to Statistics – Teaches a statistical approach to decision making under uncertainty.
  • Game Production I – the first full production class focusing on teamwork and a 2D development process.

Year 3

  • Integrated Business Experience: Macroeconomics in a Global Economy
  • Financial Management I – Discusses the financial activities of businesses and their relationships to other phases of the organization.
  • Project Management and Team Leadership – Introduces the skills of project management to define a project’s scope, specifications and assumptions, and develop a work breakdown structure using various methodologies.
  • Game Production II – intermediate production class focusing on organization and pipelines using a 3D engine.

Year 4

  • College Capstone in Game Development – the beginning of a full year of conceptualization and production of a full game. All your education comes to an intersection in this course.
  • Managerial Economics
  • Human Resources Management I – his course provides students an in-depth exposure to the management of human resources (HR) with an emphasis on recruiting and hiring.
  • Senior Production – final, advanced large team production class to complete the senior production sequence.
  • 3 x MCRM Specialization Elective – an open elective for you to specialize and develop skill/knowledge-base.

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