Champlain’s Core curriculum prepares you to be an intellectual leader in the professional world. Studies demonstrate that the abilities to communicate effectively, and think critically and creatively, lead to leadership opportunities and long-term career success.

Given the career focus of Champlain’s Game Development program, our Core courses are unlike any other general studies or liberal arts requirement. Our comprehensive and interdisciplinary Core courses are designed specifically to support and integrate with the professional education you receive in your program.

The Core courses, one per semester for the first three years, are taught in groups of 20 students that will take the same sequence of courses together. The curriculum is inquiry-focused, discussion-oriented, problem-based and experiential, which promotes your ability to express, defend and expand your ideas — an essential skill for anyone hoping to succeed in the game industry.

The final year of the Core is the Senior Capstone, in which you’ll combine all the skills you’ve developed in your game major with the critical thinking and communication skills you’ve cultivated in your three years of Core classes.

Year 1: Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies

Looking at the theme of human identity through art, literature, psychology and neuroscience, you’ll cultivate your ability to think innovatively and write effectively. You’ll use writing and group-based activities to think deeply and communicate your ideas effectively, and you’ll have an opportunity to participate in your first Global Module, Champlain’s signature global engagement program.

The courses are: Concepts of the Self; Concepts of Community; Rhetoric I; and Rhetoric II.

Year 2: The Western Tradition

The second-year Core courses explore paradigm shifts in Western thought, and look at the evolution and development of big ideas in science, art, literature, music, religion, politics and economics.

The courses are: Scientific Revolutions; Aesthetic Expressions; The Secular & the Sacred; and Capitalism & Democracy.

Year 3: The Global Experience

Through the third-year Core courses, you’ll immerse yourself in studying the world, working within a curriculum that offers the opportunity to study abroad for a semester.

The courses are: Global Studies I: Technology & Development; Global Studies II: Human Rights & Responsibilities; and two region-specific, culture-focused courses either in Burlington or abroad.

Year 4: The Capstone Experience

In the final year of study, you’ll produce a project that integrates the knowledge you’ve acquired in your major, and your studies of the Core and contemporary issues in professional ethics. You’ll have the opportunity to define and articulate critical questions and possible solutions for a challenge that professionals in your field face today. Your college capstone is highly personalized and will serve as a career-launching experience.