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Unity 3D


Mageball is an online multiplayer game that combines fantasy magic-based combat with exciting fast-paced sports action. Players compete as Fire and Ice teams to score the most points by opening goal defenses and shooting the ball in, or strategically jumping through it for a slam dunk. Each player begins with two base spells and selects two more from a list of eight different spells that cater to many different styles of play to lead their team to victory! Mageball supports keyboard and mouse, Xbox controllers, and Razer Hydra motion controllers, and is available for PC, Mac and Linux.

Created By:

David Pictor – Producer
Alex Tardif – Lead Programmer
Chris Sydell – Lead Designer
Samantha Thode – Lead Artist
Bryan Korab – Lead Systems Designer
Sibyl Cunningham – Environment & Character Artist
Kyle Walton – Environment Artist
Erin Trzcinski – Programmer
Rob Ashcraft – Level Designer
AJ Twombly – QA Manager
Matt Nunez – Narrative Designer
Andrew Ascone – Audio Designer
Cassandra Bertrand – Graphic Designer