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Unity 3D


Quibly Ball is a fast-paced competitive twin-stick shooter that puts players in control of Quiblys, lovably unstable robots who love nothing more than challenging one another in matches of strength, wit and heart. Equipped with an arsenal of lasers, shields and special abilities, who will be the last Quibly rolling? Quibly Ball offers a classic twin-stick experience, infused with unique new elements, that sparks fierce competitive action yet manages to leave a smile on even the losers’ faces.

Created By:

Kyle Killian – Producer, Game Design 2013
Harry Boltz – Lead Artist, Game Art and Animation 2013
Roy Baron – Lead Designer, Game Design 2013
Anthony Blake – Lead Programmer, Game Programming 2013
Travis Constantino – Designer (Level), Game Design 2013
Dave Mahoney – Designer (Audio and Narrative), Game Design 2013
Xanth Veilleux – Artist, Game Art and Animation 2013
Andrew Auclair – Programmer, Game Programming 2013