Senior Production




Unity 3D


Set in the far future, Sagittarii Run is an arcade racer set on the edge of asteroids in deep space. A nearby black hole, Sagittarii V4641, looms
on the horizon, creating anomalies that have the power to change the track during the race. By entering an anomaly rift, racers enter a parallel
dimension in which their ship can navigate new spaces, break through obstacles, and test their racing skills as they attempt to outmaneuver
their opponents. Will you make it through to the checkered flag, or will you get caught in the void?

Created By:

Ethan Akey – Producer, Game Design 2012
Jason Rauck – Lead Designer, Game Design 2013
Matt Ide – Lead Artist, Game Art 2013
Chris Brough – Lead Programmer, Game Programming 2013
Grant Parker – Lead Level Designer, Game Design 2013
William Dramstad – Designer, Game Design 2013
James Harvey – Designer, Game Design 2013
Jacob Mott – Designer, Game Design 2013
Eric Miles – Artist, Game Art 2013
Josh Stowe – Artist, Game Art 2013
Kyle Marchev – Programmer, Game Programming 2013
Justin Ryder – Programmer, Game Programming 2013