Brennan Howell, ‘19 // Game Art & Animation

Brennan, a Game Art & Animation major, was recently hired as an Environmental Artist by Velan Studios in Troy, New York. Brennan first fell in love with environment art while studying abroad at Champlain’s Montreal campus. As he learned the latest techniques from industry professionals, he discovered he could best show off his artistic abilities by creating environments. “I’ve always had a passion for visual arts, and my time at Champlain allowed me to combine that passion with my love of games,” says Brennan. “Champlain taught me everything I need to know to succeed now, but it also showed me how to continue learning and adapting to keep up with the constantly evolving world of game development.”

CityScape: An original concept of a fictional street in New York City.
Grand Square: A piece inspired by the concept of the same name by Wadim Kashin.
Bomb Shelter: Brennan’s first interior environment.
Cairo, Esbekieh: An exercise in large-scale environment modeling and the power of tillable, fully procedural textures.