Burlington Campus

Aerial shot of Burlington, Vermont

Burlington is a city with an identity all its own. With a unique variety of restaurants, shops, and events, there’s no shortage of things to do一 all within walking distance of the Champlain campus. Check out Champlain’s Visits and Events Page to plan a trip and see the city, or take a virtual tour at any time to check out the Champlain campus.

Students walking down Church Street in Burlington

#1 Best College Town

With stunning views of Lake Champlain, and the looming Adirondack Mountains across the water, Burlington has no shortage of beautiful scenery. Our restaurant scene boasts a huge variety of food options from quick bites to gourmet plates. Find plenty of coffee shops, pubs, and stores on Church Street and scattered along side streets throughout the city. And this is Vermont, so of course outdoor adventure isn’t far away!

Creative Mecca

Burlington’s scene for art, music, and design is rich and diverse. Throughout the city you’ll find music venues, art galleries, metalworking labs, art spaces, vinyl-pressing studios, print shops, book shops, game stores, and more. Go out at the right time and you’ll come across flea markets, food trucks, open mics, and city-wide art events like Jazzfest or the Festival of Fools. Game Studio students will enjoy hotspots like The Boardroom, a cafe in the South End that offers delicious coffee and board games to play. Or stop by Quarterstaff Games and Earth Prime Comics, which offer a wide assortment of comics, graphic novels, board games, trading card games, figurines, and in-person RPG events.
Man biking with mountains and Lake Champlain in the background

Access the Outdoors

Burlington is a city that invites you to come outside and play. Walk along the edge of Lake Champlain, or follow the bike path over the lake and up to the Islands. Visit one of the city’s many parks, hop a ferry across the lake to New York, or even learn to sail. If you’re the adventurous type, there’s no shortage of hiking trails and camping spots nearby. And Burlington doesn’t close up shop in the winter—there are plenty of places to ski, ride, and enjoy the terrain.
Photoshoot at Burton Snowboards

Innovation Center

One of the things that makes Burlington so unique is the innovation that it promotes. It’s a place defined by unique national brands like Ben and Jerry’s, Burton, Seventh Generation, and also start-ups of every flavor. The natural and artistically-driven environments within the city have inspired entrepreneurs and creators of all kinds for years. Burlington is a magnet for people and companies that do things their own way.

Seven Majors. One Experience.

The Game Studio at Champlain College is the premier program for students looking to get a professional game development experience from day one of their education. Take major-specific classes and learn the skills and techniques that go into building your favorite games. Work as a team with other game students and construct fully functional games that you can download, play, and publish. By graduation, you’ll be prepared to succeed in a rewarding career in game development. At the Game Studio, we don’t simulate what game development could look like—we put you in the middle of the real game studio experience.

The Game Studio Experience

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