Game Business & Publishing Major

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Bachelors of Science
The Game Business & Publishing degree is a Bachelor of Science.

It takes a lot of work to bring a game to your screen, and the work isn’t confined to game development. Get involved in all the behind-the-scenes action—the business development, communications, analytics, and so much more—that can ultimately make or break a game’s success.

If you love video games and want to focus on promotion and marketing within the growing game industry, Game Business and Publishing is the major for you. You’ll gain the business, communication, and collaboration skills you need, all within the context of the game industry and how it functions in the real world. You’ll focus your degree with one of our three concentrations—Business Strategy, Content & Community, or Research & Analytics to further tailor your industry expertise in the areas that interest you most.

You’ll get the full picture of the game market and process by working in the Champlain College Game Studio, where students in each game major collaborate in a complete ecosystem that simulates the industry. Your experience here sets you up to transition seamlessly into your career.

Qualities of a Game Business & Publishing Major:

  • Has a passion for business and entrepreneurial endeavors
  • Is well organized and enjoys the process of planning and making goals
  • Enjoys problem solving to find the best solutions
  • Is interested in the business side of game production and is intrigued by the global game market
  • Possesses great communication and analytical skills and likes working with others

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We’ll send you Game Studio info plus a game art poster designed by our students when you fill out this form!

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Game Publishers are grounded with extensive knowledge in game development, marketing, and analytics. Motivated to investigate, critique, and promote games on their way to the public, Game Publishers are the business people of our Game Studio. Students in this major choose one of three concentrations—Business Strategy, Content & Community, or Research & Analytics—to tailor their degree and gain expertise in fields like financial management, economic modeling, or public relations.





Career Opportunities for Game Business & Publishing Majors

From the store shelf to gaming conventions, social media to your favorite Esports franchise, games are a massive industry. According to Gaming as a Cultural Force Just Stepped to the Forefront of Entertainment (by Paul Traeger, Svp, Group Director Comms Strategy, Havas Media) the game industry rakes in more than $150 billion per year in revenue, and the game market is “bigger than the NFL, NBA, MLB, and the NHL combined.” (How Much is the Gaming Industry Worth in 2021? by Teodora Dobrilova, TechJury). The Game Business & Publishing major will give you the skills to find your place in this growing arena of business.

Careers in Game Business and Publishing include:

  • Esports Brand Manager
  • User Experience Analyst
  • Branded Content Coordinator
  • Partnership Coordinator
  • UX Researcher
  • Quality Assurance Testing

Outcomes for Game Business & Publishing Majors

The first graduating class for this major will be 2026.

  • 100% of students in the Game Business & Publishing major will complete an advanced internship as part of their required curriculum.
“What I love most about working with Champlain students is that they are prepared to hit the ground running when it comes to developing games. Any student coming out of their program has the tools to make an immediate positive impact to a game development studio”
Steve Heim, West Coast Game Producer

Game Business & Publishing Major Admissions

For this major, we are looking for students with a head for business and an entrepreneurial mindset. Champlain’s Game Business & Publishing degree program is perfect for students who love being immersed in games and enjoy working with people. You’ll collaborate with peers, intern with innovative companies, and gain valuable expertise in best practices for business. 

We look for strong writing and communication skills and a balanced academic background from applicants. There is no portfolio requirement for this major.


Academic preparation includes successful completion of a college preparatory curriculum, including:

  • 4 years of reading/writing English
  • 3 years of History/Social Sciences 
  • 3 years of Mathematics (at least through Algebra II. Many students take Pre-Calculus, Calculus, or AP Calculus as juniors or seniors)
  • 3 years of Natural Sciences, including two courses with lab components
  • 2 years of a foreign language
  • A full course load of challenging academic subjects senior year


If one of the elements of your academic profile is not as strong as your overall application we recommend a Personal Interview to demonstrate the personal qualities we look for in admitted students. We are seeking individuals who are highly motivated to achieve their professional and personal goals.

You can apply to Champlain College using the Common Application or the Champlain College Application. Both are free. Regardless of which you choose, all applications are considered equally.

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Seven Majors. One Experience.

The Game Studio at Champlain College is the premier program for students looking to get a professional game development experience from day one of their education. Take major-specific classes and learn the skills and techniques that go into building your favorite games. Work as a team with other game students and construct fully functional games that you can download, play, and publish. By graduation, you’ll be prepared to succeed in a rewarding career in game development. At the Game Studio, we don’t simulate what game development could look like—we put you in the middle of the real game studio experience.

The Game Studio Experience

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We’ll send you Game Studio info plus a game art poster designed by our students when you fill out this form.

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