Interactive Narrative for Games & Digital Media

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Bachelors of Science
The Interactive Narrative for Games & Digital Media degree is a Bachelor of Science.

New Major Coming Fall 2025: Interactive Narrative for Games & Digital Media

One of the first academic programs of its kind in the country, the BS in Interactive Narrative for Games & Digital Media is all about exploration and imagination. As you learn to craft user narratives, non-linear narratives, and content for various games, you’ll also learn how your writing can influence user behavior. You’ll question what makes a person take action on what they see, why the color or tone of an interface is important, and understand how to design for engagement. 

Interactive narrative for games merges traditional storytelling with player agency, enabling players to influence the game’s direction. Unlike passive mediums, like books or films, it grants players an active role in shaping the narrative—and to reconfigure it with each play.

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Coming Fall 2025. Don’t want to wait?
Apply Undeclared to the Division of Communication & Creative Media to start taking Interactive Narrative for Games & Digital Media classes as early as Fall 2024. Applications for the program will be available beginning in 2024 for the Fall 2025 entry term.

As the industry grows more and more competitive, studios are searching for employees who can deliver captivating, nonlinear narratives that connect with players on a deeper level. They’re looking for talent who can write not just a great story but great stories around, beside, and through that first story, all while staying coherent and original. 

Champlain College’s BS in Interactive Narrative for Games & Digital Media program is forward-thinking, and it’s designed to give you the hands-on experience you’ll need to start your career writing games right away. The Game Studio Experience ensures this, giving you the opportunity to work on teams with students from other game majors to design fully functional games before you graduate.

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