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Bachelors of Science
Game Production Management is available as a major.

Do you have a head for team-leading and a heart for video games? The game industry needs individuals with an aptitude for communication and organization—people who can manage a game development team to create innovative and exciting new games.

Start learning the intricacies of the game production pipeline and immediately begin practicing the art and science of leadership. At Champlain, you aren’t just reading about various management techniques—you’re developing your own effective team leadership style over four years. 

In the Game Production Management major, one of the few degrees of its kind in the country, students learn to organize, motivate, and oversee creative teams. You’ll be an integral part of the process, learning how to effectively bring together contributions from each team member to create a finished game.

Qualities of a Game Production Management Major:

  • Highly organized
  • Good at building relationships
  • Like to solve problems
  • Able to think strategically and keep the end result in mind
  • Process-oriented

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The Bachelor of Science in Game Production Management is designed for the student who is passionate about both business and creative media. It will provide a student with the opportunity to have a business core that includes integrated courses in business, marketing, corporate social responsibility and international business (with an emphasis on the global economy), as well as courses in quantitative methods, accounting, finance, economics, and business law. Students will be able to take additional business courses that include Project Management, Organizational Management and electives from business and marketing offerings as well as 18 or more credits in a creative discipline including Broadcast Media Production, Professional Writing, Filmmaking, and Graphic Design & Visual Communication.





Career Opportunities for Game Production Management Graduates

It takes a special set of skills to lead a creative team in developing a game—skills that are an integral part of your education in Game Production.

Careers in Game Production Management include:

  • Product Coordinator
  • Associate Producer
  • QA Lead

Outcomes for Game Production Management Majors

Game Producers are a high-demand profession in the growing game industry, and Champlain Game Production Management students find themselves well prepared to make a career in the game industry.

  • 100% of 2020 Game Production Management graduates had at least one internship or experiential learning experience
  • 86% of 2020 Game Production Management graduates were employed within six months of graduation
  • 91% of employed 2020 Game Production Management graduates are in career relevant positions
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Chris McCammon, ’20

Game Production Management

“We get a Scrum Master Certification here, which is very big in the game industry. You’ll find most of the industry uses Scrum, and they definitely want a Scrum Master on their team. It’s great to already have that qualification coming out of college.”
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Game Production Management Major Admissions

In Champlain’s unique Game Production Management program, you’ll learn to be an effective team leader with deep experience in game development. 

You’ll learn the business side and the game side—you can speak the language of the artist, the designer, and the programmer, and get the best work out of each team member. Prepare to navigate game business operations and act as a liaison between your team and company executives. In short: you’ll be able to manage creative people and bring video games to completion.

We look for strong writing and communication skills and a balanced academic background from applicants. There is no portfolio requirement for this major.


Academic preparation includes successful completion of a college preparatory curriculum, including:

  • 4 years of reading/writing English
  • 3 years of History/Social Sciences 
  • 3 years of Mathematics (at least through Algebra II. Many students take Pre-Calculus, Calculus, or AP Calculus as juniors or seniors)
  • 3 years of Natural Sciences, including two courses with lab components
  • 2 years of a foreign language
  • A full course load of challenging academic subjects senior year


If one of the elements of your academic profile is not as strong as your overall application we recommend a Personal Interview to demonstrate the personal qualities we look for in admitted students. We are seeking individuals who are highly motivated to achieve their professional and personal goals.

You can apply to Champlain College using the Common Application or the Champlain College Application. Both are free. Regardless of which you choose, all applications are considered equally.

Graduate from Champlain with four years of relevant experience on your résumé. The game industry needs you, so get started on your application today.

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Since day one in the Game Studio, all the game majors were making games together. The process felt so natural.
Mitchell Zasa, ’20, Game Production Management

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Seven Majors. One Experience.

The Game Studio at Champlain College is the premier program for students looking to get a professional game development experience from day one of their education. Take major-specific classes and learn the skills and techniques that go into building your favorite games. Work as a team with other game students and construct fully functional games that you can download, play, and publish. By graduation, you’ll be prepared to succeed in a rewarding career in game development. At the Game Studio, we don’t simulate what game development could look like—we put you in the middle of the real game studio experience.

The Game Studio Experience

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We’ll send you Game Studio info plus a game art poster designed by our students when you fill out this form.

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