Game Art Major

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Bachelor of Fine Arts
The Game Art degree is a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

Create the look, feel, and style that drive the best games. Construct the atmosphere that players live and play in. Build the world you want to see.

Game artists live at the intersection of art and technology. Working with expert faculty and your peers from other game disciplines, you’ll learn to bring your visual ideas to life, creating compelling environments, characters, and animations that fully immerse your audience in the game.

As a Game Art student, you will hone your artistic abilities and learn the tools and technologies required to create 2D and 3D art and animation for games. By the time you graduate, you’ll understand how to bring everything you’ve learned together to give life to characters and worlds and to create a professional quality portfolio.

Qualities of a Game Art Major:

  • Has a passion and an innate talent for making art
  • Values traditional art techniques as much as digital tools
  • Is highly creative and loves exploring new areas of visual art and design
  • Enjoys problem solving to find the best solutions
  • Loves technology and boldly pursues new concepts to improve their work 
  • Is intellectually curious and loves to explore a variety of topics and visual resources for inspiration
  • Is a good communicator and works well with others

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Champlain College Game Studio Poster featuring student artwork.
Game Artists begin with a foundation in the elements and principles of visual art and design while working in traditional and digital media. This includes life drawing, 2D digital art, 2D and 3D animation and 3D modeling. From these building blocks students can choose many areas to specialize: 2D art, 3D environments, 3D character development, 2D and 3D animation, technical art, game visual effects, and user interface design.





Career Opportunities for Game Art Graduates

As game development environments become increasingly complex, careers in game art are becoming more specialized. They create the characters, environments, textures, props, and other elements that make up the world within each game.

Careers in Game Art include:

  • 3D Modeling and Texturing Artist
  • 3D Animator
  • 3D Environment Artist
  • 3D Character Designer
  • Game Concept Artist
  • 2D Game Artist
  • User Interface Artist
  • Technical Artist
  • Game Visual Effects Artist
  • Professional in Other Industries, such as Film or Architecture

Outcomes for Game Art Graduates

Your Game Art degree from Champlain gives you more than the technical and artistic skills necessary to start your career. The collaboration that happens in the Game Studio between game artists, designers, programmers, and producers will give you game-specific collaboration experience that it normally takes years of working in the industry to achieve. A number of recruiters attend our annual Game Studio Senior Show and conduct interviews with the Game Art graduating seniors whose portfolio reels were the most promising. Our game industry specific Career Coach will help you with your search.

  • 83% of Game Art students over the last six years were employed within six months after graduation
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Max Laudenslager, ’20

“The most passionate and dedicated individuals who pursue this field will graduate from Champlain with all of the right tools, skills, and resources that the industry is looking for.”
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Game Art Admissions

The Game Art major at Champlain College is a visual art program focused on the creation of 2-D and 3-D art assets and animation for games. To be successful, students must enter the program with a strong aesthetic ability and a passion for creating visual art using both traditional and digital media. As part of the application for admission into the Game Art major, Champlain College requires the submission of a portfolio consisting of five files.

See our portfolio requirements for more specific information on what to submit, and check out this article with tips from past and current Game Art students on how to shape your portfolio submission.

Portfolio Requirements

Suggested Areas of Study

We anticipate that our Game Art students will come in with basic drawing skills. It is valuable for you to have experience creating in a range of media. Here are some suggested areas of study and exploration that are helpful, but not required:

  • Traditional drawing and painting including the human figure and perspective
  • Art History and perspective
  • Art History and architecture
  • Sculpture, traditional or digital
  • Film and animation
  • Adobe Creative Suite, especially Photoshop
  • Any digital painting tools
  • Maya, 3DS Max, Z-brush or any other 3 D package.

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What surprised me was how much potential I had within me, and how these classes could drag that potential out and allow me to do things I didn’t think were possible.
Anders Lindberg, ’22, Game Art Major

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The Game Studio at Champlain College is the premier program for students looking to get a professional game development experience from day one of their education. Take major-specific classes and learn the skills and techniques that go into building your favorite games. Work as a team with other game students and construct fully functional games that you can download, play, and publish. By graduation, you’ll be prepared to succeed in a rewarding career in game development. At the Game Studio, we don’t simulate what game development could look like—we put you in the middle of the real game studio experience.

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We’ll send you Game Studio info plus a game art poster designed by our students when you fill out this form.

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