Game Programming Minor

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The Game Programming degree is available as a minor, as well as Bachelor of Science.

If you want to be involved in the game development process, the Game Programming minor might be for you. Whether you’re a Game Design student looking to become a more-qualified designer or a Computer Science & Innovation student who finds games interesting and wants to expand their programming skills, this 18-credit minor will give you the technical foundation to program games.

  • Gain higher-caliber skills which will enable you to produce more complicated features in your design that will make you a stand out among others.
  • Learn game architecture—all the pieces and parts that go into the game like graphics, audio, artificial intelligence, physics and input (keyboard, mouse, game controller or multi-touch).
  • Be ready to create a game for whatever the next big idea or device is.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in the game industry as a programmer making AAA titles, you will want to look at the Game Programming major, as the minor is not as comprehensive.



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