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Welcome to the Senior Show of the graduating class of 2020. These are extraordinary times, and we have an extraordinary show for you to see. We have VR, multi-player, voyages, stories, and adventures, puzzles, and combat—and a frog that needs a bath. Come on in and check it out.

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The Games (2020)

View more details for Box Voyage

Box Voyage

Box Voyage is a puzzle-lite adventure game that focuses heavily on interesting interactions, experimentation, and easy fun.
View more details for Camera Shy

Camera Shy

Camera Shy is an accessible, unique, and immersive adventure that is enjoyable for players of all experience levels.
View more details for Cash Force

Cash Force

Cash Force is a high-octane VR shooter about a cop gone rogue in a colorful 1970s-inspired setting.
View more details for Eira: Echoes of Adventure

Eira: Echoes of Adventure

Eira: Echoes of Adventure is an adventure game in which you journey through an icy world filled with curious alien wildlife, spatial puzzles, and hoards of treasure.
View more details for Frog Bath

Frog Bath

Frog Bath is an action capture-the-flag platformer with an emphasis on fun and flexible froggy movement.
View more details for Guilded


Guilded is a game about characters, groups, and their stories. You play as the leader of an Adventurers Guild, where you send adventurers on quests.
View more details for Just Golf

Just Golf

Just Golf is a networked sports-action game where players utilize golf to score points and disrupt opponents.
View more details for Monolithic


The power of the gods is at your command in the multiplayer, real-time strategy game Monolithic.