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Unity 3D


In Lazulin, the player controls a female treasure hunter who has discovered a set of ancient mechanical wings. She uses these wings to reach ancient flying fortresses in the sky, where endless treasures are surely present. However, the wings are powered by the sun, and without direct sunlight they stop working after prolonged use. Sunlight enters the fortresses at many points, but it is up to the player to make the best use of the resources available to them. The fortresses are indeed filled with treasures, but the previous occupants made sure that their valuables couldn’t just be taken; each is hidden deep inside, guarded by open chasms, ancient machinery and locked doors. With strong wings and a stronger mind, the treasure will be found.

Created By:

Michael Ackerman, Game Art and Animation
Curtis Chambers, Game Art and Animation
Matt Gustafson, Game Art and Animation
Andrew Lee, Game Art and Animation
Alex Schwartz, Game Art and Animation
Craig Winslow, Graphic Design and Digital Media

Tim Crawford, Game Design
Chris McCarthy, Game Design
Max Nichols, Game Design
Stephen Rogers, Game Design

Brenton Woodrow, Game Design

Jeremy Burau, Game Programming
Andrew Start, Game Programming

Douglas Miller, Game Design
Adam Mini, Game Design