Game Programming

Professional Positions:

Game Engineer/ Developer/Programmer, AI (Games) Programmer, Gameplay Programmer, Graphics Programmer, Network (Games) Programmer, Physics Programmer, Tools Programmer, UI Programmer, Software Engineer

Qualities of a Game Programmer

  • Has a passion and talent for logic, math, and programming.
  • Loves deconstructing games and their systems to figure out how they work and how they are built.
  • Is creative and enjoys problem solving to find the best solutions.
  • Loves technology and is willing to be bold and fearless when it comes to learning new things.
  • Is intellectually curious and loves to explore all kinds of topics and experiences to become a better programmer.
  • Is a good communicator and likes working with others.


  • Solid understanding of Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry

Suggested Preparation:

  • Advanced math classes through Applied Calculus
  • Science especially Physics
  • Programming (any languages or scripting environments)
  • Web Development classes
  • Robotics clubs and/or competitions
  • Alice programming environment (
  • Unreal Development Kit (PC)
  • Microsoft XNA (PC)
  • Gamemaker (PC)
  • Game Salad (Mac)
  • Mod any game and using scripting