Austin Laimos

Project Role Guilded - Generalist Programmer
Major Game Programming Major
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An energetic programmer capable of working in a wide variety of disciplines. Able to prototype, iterate, and juice-up your games quickly. Experience working with a wide variety of people, whether they are designers, artists, producers, programmers, and other game developers.

Professional Qualifications

  • Gameplay Systems Development
  • Generalist Programming
  • Mobile Programming
  • Prototyping

Technical Expertise

  • C# (Unity/Unity3D)
  • C and C++
  • Unity3D
  • XML
  • Git

Development Expertise

  • 4 years of game programming sequence
  • Study Abroad, Montreal, Canada
  • Gaze of the Abyss, Generalist Programmer
  • Guilded, Generalist Programmer

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