Ben Hubner

Project Role Live/Wire - Lead Gameplay Programmer, Lead Systems Programmer
Major Game Programming Major
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Enthusiastic and hardworking gameplay and systems programmer, passionate about expanding knowledge of programming in different subjects and collaborating with others to create robust, polished, and interesting interactive experiences. Skilled in technical programming ability, as well as communication and cooperation with project collaborators from different fields.

Professional Qualifications

  • Gameplay Systems Development
  • Graphics Programming
  • AI Programming
  • Console Programming
  • Networking
  • Real-time Shaders
  • Physics Engines
  • Node-Based Shader Creation

Technical Expertise

  • C, C++, C#
  • GLSL, OpenGL, Vulkan
  • Unity3D
  • UDK
  • Visual Studio
  • GIT, Tortoise SVN
  • Microsoft Office Suite

Development Expertise

  • Lead Gameplay and Systems Programmer, Live/Wire, 2020
  • Lead Programmer, Yolk, 2020
  • Back to the Game International Internship, Programmer, 2019
  • Game Architecture, Physics, AI, Adv. Real-Time Rendering

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