Conner Root

Project Role The Exaggerated Epoch of Edward O’Hare - Lead Programmer, Build Manager
Major Game Programming Major
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Detail-oriented game programmer interested in gameplay and AI programming. Strong background in working directly with designers and artists to implement features and solve problems. Varied experience in different languages, as well as tools, and always looking for opportunities to learn some more.

Professional Qualifications

  • Gameplay Programming
  • AI Programming
  • Version Control
  • Technical Documentation
  • Remote Development
  • Agile Development

Technical Expertise

  • C++
  • Unity3D (C#)
  • Visual Studio
  • Rider for Unity
  • Git, SVN, Perforce
  • Assembly (masm64)
  • Unreal Engine

Development Expertise

  • Repository Manager and Lead Programmer, TEEEO, 2021
  • Ironbelly Studios, Programming Intern, 2020

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