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Kel Bachus

Assistant Professor - Game Design Major

Affiliated Majors Game Design Major and Game Sound Design Major
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Kel Bachus is a veteran of the video game industry, having written and designed for Elder Scrolls Online, Kingdoms of Amalur MMO (code name Copernicus), and Disruptor Beam's Game of Thrones. (They've worked in and around games since the days of MUDs and Pong, and remember the days when computers took up five rooms and 17 air conditioners, you whippersnapper.)

Their essays and short fiction have been published in numerous magazines and anthologies. They run a summer incubator for diverse game developers—primarily composed of Champlain students—as well as jams and camps for diverse youth making video games.

Bachus is also Executive Director and founder of Rad Magpie, a nonprofit for the advancement of women, BIPOC, and LGBTQIA+ in video game development. Rad Magpie is making a Sri Lankan fantasy mobile game with creator Mary Anne Mohanraj.

Bachus is constantly playing and designing games—sometimes in their sleep. They like the water and nature and their lovely family.

Faculty in Game Design Major and Game Sound Design Major

Amanda Crispel
Chair of Game Studio, Acting Dean of CCM, Professor
Game Design Major
Game Programming Major
Game Sound Design Major
Van Dora Williams, PhD
Program Director, Associate Professor - Game Sound Design Major
Game Sound Design Major

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