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Joseph Manley

Program Director, Associate Professor - Game Design Major

Affiliated Majors Game Design Major and Game Programming Major
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Joe Manley is a designer, artist, and programmer, as well as an Associate Professor in Game Design at Champlain College. Using traditional ceramic hand-building techniques, combined with motion sensing cameras, projection mapping, and game mechanics, Joe is pushing what defines a "digital" screen.

Joe's latest body of work was created while on sabbatical during the Spring of 2016 as a visiting artist at the University of Colorado, Boulder. His sculptures present the viewer with two distinct life cycles, "unplugged" and "plugged." Featuring clusters of hand-sculpted, organic nodules, the artwork is presented in both its original unplugged state as well as its plugged-in version. While plugged in, the clay sculptures are transformed using microprocessor-driven digital projection-mapping into an interactive environment composed of a myriad of tiny "screens." Through this metamorphosis, Joe examines our increasingly complex interactions and relationships with screens—both on and off.

Joe has been working and creating art and interactive experiences in Vermont since 1994. He has worked with JDK, KSV, Burton Snowboards, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, The University of Vermont, MyWebGrocer, and many other clients through the years, in addition to working at the Vermont Clay Studio and volunteering at the Burlington City Arts Clay Studio.

Faculty in Game Design Major and Game Programming Major

John Boyd
Associate Professor - Game Design Major
Wei-Kian Chen, PhD
Assistant Dean of ITS, Professor - Game Programming Major
Amanda Crispel
Chair of Game Studio, Acting Dean of CCM, Professor
Jonathan Ferguson
Assistant Professor - Game Design Major
Brian Hall
Associate Professor - Game Programming Major
Dean Lawson
Associate Professor - Game Programming Major
Auston Montville
Adjunct Professor - Game Design Major
Arthur Wollocko
Adjunct Professor - Game Design Major

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